About DarkMagik

Hi There,

This website, DarkMagik is my personal website where I write about all the stuff that comes to mind. This blog is not about a particular topic, it’s about whatever stuff I think I should write about.

DarkMagik is actually a username that I use for various online stuff and gaming profiles. So, when I thought of creating my own website, this was naturally the name that came to mind. it actually isn’t much related to the content on my blog, but eh, whatever.

This website was born as a product of my boredom and a lot of free time, and because I thought of doing something a little bit productive. English is not my native language, so forgive me for the grammatical errors, if any ( I think I’m pretty good with spelling, though ).




Things & Services used in making this blog:

  • WordPress – Blogging sotware used by a whole lot of people.
  • Blog Expert – WordPress theme by Themeinwp.
  • Hostgator – Where I bought this domain name. But not where I host it.
  • Hostripples – Where I host this website, it’s pretty cheap.
  • Me & My Time – Lots of it.